Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Week 2 of Pain and Misery

We just finished our 2nd week of torture/exercise at The Ice Chamber, and despite the excruciating pain in my back right now, I am somehow glad to be doing this -- though only after a couple hours have passed and the most immediate agony has subsided.

Normally, when Anu looks at me and smiles, it's a nice reminder of how much she loves me. When we're approaching or inside the gym, however, my brain (which is reflexively set to high school gym class mode by impending arrival at any athletic facility) maps her supportive looks onto perceived taunts about women naturally having more endurance and dexterity than men. Today I discovered that not only can't I do push-ups (never could), I also can't jump rope worth a damn (which was one of the few sporty things I actually could do as a kid, along with swimming and riding a bike).

I've not yet experienced that endorphin high that athletes bang on about all the time, but presumably I'll eventually look forward to this rather than approaching each trip to the gym with the attitude: "well, I guess it beats dying."


Max said...

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."
-US Marine Corp

While I'm not normally one to quote jarheads, I have found that this expression has gotten me through quite a few painful workouts. That, and Lance Armstrong's stupid, "pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever".

You're doing good work, sir. Just think of all the emo kids you can crush when you can do these things in your sleep.