Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 1: First, The Pain

This morning Anu and I finished our second personal training session at The Ice Chamber. It's exactly the kind of place -- supportive and non-judgmental -- that had my high school gym been, maybe I would have taken exercise and sports more seriously before now.

In being supportive Jessica, our excellent new trainer, often asks us how we feel or if we feel good. Frankly, at this early stage, I mostly feel like vomiting and then going back to sleep. But I'm inspired to continue by a mid-30s realization that I'd rather not die in my 50s like my father did, combined with the impressive results achieved over the last few years by my friend Max, a former chubby nerd who is now a triathlete nerd in active training for Ironman Arizona 09.

My next health step: kicking my Diet Coke habit. It's the one addiction that I've tried and failed to kick, and finally doing so is on my todo list. While I enjoy being in the company of other Diet Coke drinkers such as Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, I still think giving it up is for the best. Frankly, I think that my excessive consumption of the stuff contributes to the stomach pain and gas I have when working out. So if my mom can quit smoking after 40 years, I can quit drinking Diet Coke in the next few weeks.


hatsumi said...

Must be a trend... My husband and I are joining a gym and although we can't afford a trainer, we're enlisting my sister, who is a trainer and gym manager at an Equinox gym in NYC to come up with a regimen... She's coming home to visit for a week next month, so it will be perfect.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like vomiting when I first worked out. It got better after awhile, though. :)