Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh, Right... I Was A Blonde

In looking for photos of my late cat Ragnarok, to accompany his memorial post, I came across some photos of me as a blonde. I'd kind of forgotten about that period, even though I was blonde on and off for about seven years. It started with my manic panic blue washing out of my bleached hair, and eventually took on a life of its own. Personally, I liked the look, and it makes it very convenient to decide to go blue or purple, but bleaching really takes its toll on your hair and scalp. Nowadays I'm more likely to dye my hair black than to bleach it, but mostly I'm too busy with other stuff to pause and do anything fun with my hair at all.

I'm still trying to find some photos of Ragnarok, and then I'll post more about him, his eventful kitty life, and how much he meant to me.

(The synths in the photo are a PPG Wave, EDP Wasp, Memorymoog, and Nord Modular. I still have all four, though I haven't really had much time to play them since I started working in the film industry 7 years ago. Very sad. I need to rectify that particular scheduling issue post haste.)