Monday, June 22, 2009

Farewell Furry Friend

Ragnarok the cat was born in 1993, and passed away a few weeks ago at almost exactly 16 years of age. He and his sister Thelema were born to my friend Jason's cat Döden, and traveled with us across country from NY to CA in 1993. At truck stops along the way we'd do our shopping each with a kitten in his pocket. Ragnarok and Thelema were my constant companions from 1993-2001, when the demise of Webmind, Inc. forced me to send Ragnarok and Thelema to live with my Mom and sister Janine on Long Island. He spent eight happy years with them, staying there even after my Mom convinced me to let them continue living with here even after Anu treated her cat allergies.

Ragnarok was an impressive hunter, often bringing offerings of dead rodents to my door. He also enjoyed being a lap cat, sitting for hours on my lap or my mom's while we worked on the computer or watched TV (especially as he got older and less able to hunt). Anyone who isn't a "cat person" will probably find an obituary for a cat to be ridiculous, but Ragnarok and Thelema were with me during some very difficult periods of my life, and went on to keep my Mom company during some not necessarily great times for her, as well, and Ragnarok's head-nudges and soothing purr will be missed by all who knew him.