Monday, June 8, 2009

Post Party Depression

The last 3 weekends have been a lot of fun, as Anu and I have spread-out our 5th Anniversary celebrations over them. But, now that that's all passed, the high has worn off, and the crash has come.

First, we had a huge Memorial Day BBQ party at our house with about 60 attendees. I always get depressed after big parties, not just because of my usual post-party depression, but because I also regret not being able to spend more time with each attendee, and that leads to my second guessing myself about whether or not everyone had fun, and whether or not there was enough food for everyone. Perhaps, after the wrap parties on his films, Woody Allen has the same kind of neuroses about the success of the party.

Then we went to Lake Meade (and Las Vegas -- which was full of nothing but drunks and advertisements for hookers) with our families, rented a houseboat, and spent 2 days swimming in a cove and making more BBQ. That was awesome. As soon as we returned the boat to the Marina, I wanted to do it again. I spent most evenings the following week, after returning home late from all the overwork currently going on, falling asleep to the Lake Meade map, and dreaming about what other coves we might moor and swim in in the future.

Finally, we went to Los Angeles for the PGA Produced-By conference (yes, we spent part of our 5th anniversary at a conference). It was a great conference, and we met a lot of very nice, very interesting people. The weekend was packed with insightful information, amusing anecdotes, and hopeful musings about how the industry can embrace new ideas and new talent. I highly recommend the conference, if you're interested in film production. Now that I'm back up north, and back to the grind (and all the weird politics that conflates already difficult issues we need to work through, and quickly, for our next couple films), I wish I were back in any one of those three places: my BBQ, Lake Meade, or a big event in LA.