Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lego: Say Yes to Nazis, Say Yes to Fun!

Otaku Mom posted about the lack of Nazis in the Indiana Jones Lego set. She has plenty to say that I agree with, so I recommend you read her screed. However, I want to take a different perspective on this issue: it's a bad business decision.

Think about it. You get your Indy Legos, open the box, and -- it's full of Nazis. So, you rush to make your Lego Diorama of the climactic Ark scene, and you set up the Ark and surround it with Nazis, and you put Indy behind a rock, and then you put your little Tesla coil (sold separately) in the Ark, and it shoots bolts of electricity everywhere, and then you realize the obvious -- the obvious that Lego and Lucasfilm clearly haven't. You need to melt your Nazis! That's the whole point of the setup. Melting some anonymous cultish-looking villains isn't nearly as much fun.

Naturally, melting the Nazis would be so much fun, you'd want to do it again. But, you can only melt your Nazis once. So, you'd put the rest of the kit in a box for that yardsale you'll never actually hold, and buy a whole new Indiana Jones Lego set. People would want to melt the Nazis dozens, maybe hundreds of times. They'd sell at least a zillion additional kits.

Now you can clearly see: Censorship is bad business.