Friday, February 8, 2008

End of an Era: Polaroid Getting Out Of Film

Polaroid is shutting down its film operations. They had, of course, already discontinued their most interesting film: SX-70 "Time Zero" film with the gelatin based emulsion, but now SX-70s (and other Polaroids) are rendered completely useless (since there will be no readily available 600 film to hack into it). A shame, too, because it had a "nice" look that's not trivial to replicate digitally.

The only option left is to try's SX-70 BLEND film, which is apparently just 600 film modified and put in SX-70 cartridges w/ an ND filter to compensate for the 600 film being 2 stops off. The price is quite steep at $37/pack plus shipping from Holland, which isn't worth it for any SX-70 film that hasn't got the gelatin based emulsion. Better off just putting the SX-70 up on the display shelf with other cameras for which film will never be available again.