Saturday, February 16, 2008

Burtynsky: My Industrial / Landscape Photography Idol

I first saw Edward Burtynsky's work at one of the myriad galleries on Geary St. in San Francisco. I was absolutely engrossed by the photos: industrial landscapes from China. Each piece was amazing. The color. The composition. The fascinating scenes he captures. Burtynsky is a master at capturing the horrific beauty of degenerate industrial landscapes that has for so long drawn me to them.

Chinese Oil Refinery

Burtynsky is not only a master of form, but his subject matter is chosen in such a way as to reveal the dichotomy between economic necessity and environmental decay present in all our industrial activities. Thus, his work succeeds both as industrial formalism and as social commentary.

Bangladeshi Shipbreaking

Burtynsky is, for me, a role model for both aesthetically engaging and socially relevant industrial photography. If this kind of work appeals to you, I highly recommend checking out Burtynsky's work.


butterfly valve said...

What I really like about industrial photography is the boldness of the subject. It creates a certain drama without any human emotion present. Sometimes i dont know how to explain it can just feel it when you look at the picture. great shots!