Friday, July 18, 2008


I find it very strange to see and hear myself speak in a video interview. was one of four that interviewed me as a Pixar employee who had worked on WALL-E, and the video piece they put together from it for their website is actually fairly long. It is linked here, from the Platige community blog. Frankly, I can barely bring myself to watch it. Talking slowly and deliberately so as to (a) make it easier on the translators, and (b) not say anything Pixar would be embarrassed by, to me I sound like a dimwit when the English audio cuts through. The Polish announcer reading the translation (or whatever it is he's saying) has a much more melodious and focused delivery. It seems I haven't taken quite enough improv classes, so I suppose I should start going back to them. I wonder if people who are interviewed regularly, such as politicians and stars, get accustomed to seeing and hearing themselves on video (or even learn to enjoy it), or if it's always more of a disturbing "weird, there's an android on TV that looks just like me" kind of feeling?


hatsumi said...

Whenever I've watched myself, I always think I look and sound like an idiot. I haven't had too many opportunities, though, so I have no idea if that changes over time. It was nice to watch the interview and strain to hear you talk, though. I've never actually asked you what you do at

Tomasz Dobrowolski said...

I know what you are talking about. I was giving few public seminars and they were recording me twice, once in english ( and once in polish. Since I'm not a native english speaker, it wasn't a surprise that my english seminar was horrible, but the polish one turned out to be very valuable - I noticed after watching it at home, that I should train my speech articulation (it is sometimes unclear). Training a lot behind the mirror (or recording yourself) seems to be very valuable as well! Anyway, greetings from Gdansk, we have met in Platige studio in Tuesday and I promised you to give a comment on your blog :)