Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Lights Flickr As They Fade

I'm finally making good on a promise to myself to show my photo work outside my photo club (which I've been absent from for a long time) and circle of friends, and to try to do more with it in terms of both artistic growth and more professional exhibition venues.

I'm still not certain what I think of Flickr as a service (I don't like their un-customizable display interface, but there are some good things about them, like having an API, and the community aspect of groups), but I've decided to make use of it until I find something better or roll my own for my photo portfolio at bugaj.com website that I keep stalling on re-launching. I am, however, enjoying being able to organize and present my photos on-line.

My next step is to locate a good printer to work with, so I can create a portfolio and at least two full-scale works to present to galleries and nonprofits for show consideration. Thus far I've had no luck whatsoever finding a printer who does archival quality digital printing (preferably lightjet, but perhaps giclee) onto a vellum, frosted/translucent film, or a similar material. (If you know of a place, let me know.)

In my Flickr travels, I also found Diego Bauducco's Picto Browser, which lets you displa Flickr images in a Flash app for embedding in a blog post or other site. It's simple, yet effective. Here is my "atmospheric" images set from Flickr in Picto Browser (if you're using NoScript, you need to allow db798.com to have script access):

This set of images encompasses both some of my semi-abstract very soft focus work, as well as nice environmental atmospheric effects. Unless otherwise noted, all these effects are in-camera using one or more of: environmental atmospherics, defocus, and slow shutter + slight motion (but generally not enough to be a "motion" shot). It's more of an emotional / mood description than a technical one, anyway, but several of my favorite shots are in that group.