Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week 5: Youthful Exuberance

People say that exercise makes you feel young again. They are absolutely correct.

When I was young, I felt my life was miserable. Most of my time was spent thinking about escape, imagining a better life for myself. I dreaded each morning as the start of another day to suffer through.

Now, thanks to the power of working out, I've regained that youthful perspective on life.

Another aspect of the return to my youth facilitated by working out is the discovery that I still can't do sit-ups, push-ups, or pull-ups (the only ups I could ever do were 7-ups, regular or diet).

Today we did a slew of different exercises in fast bursts. It was sort of like being beaten-up, except that when you're being beaten-up at least someone else is doing all the work.

Since we did so many exercises, many of them new to our training, I've decided to make a helpful comparison chart for those unfamiliar with certain exercises:

burpies = Hitler
mountain climbers = Stalin
pull-ups = Chairman Mao
push-ups = Pol Pot
straight leg lifts = Idi Amin
sit-ups = Mussolini

On the upside, I'm so dehydrated I totally can't cry like the little pussy I am.


Max said...

Burpies were designed by prisoners for exercise in confined quarters, so Hitler or Stalin are quite appropriate. Nothing says "white power" like doing burpies on a bed cot.