Monday, December 1, 2008

Contributing to Two Books for 2009 (maybe more)

Ben Goertzel and I will be rewriting "The Path to Posthumanity" into a book we hope will actually sell this time, along with new co-author Lisa Rein who lends her needed experience as an editor to the project. Right now we're still in the preliminary phases of getting into the rewrite, but the book will be out by mid-2009 if our publisher agrees to release it at a reasonable price point. Ben and I have at least four other books we're supposed to be working on together, and I'm hoping we'll get cracking on at least one of them in 2009.

I am also contributing to a forthcoming handbook of Visual Effects production, an outline for which was just submitted to a publisher. That book is an edited volume, and will have around 30 authors or so. I doubt anyone outside the industry will have any interest in the book, but it should be pretty good for industry folks (hopefully meaning not just TDs, but artists, producers, directors, cinematographers, and others as well).