Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congratulations Jason and Frederique

I attended a lovely engagement party last night for my friends Jason and Frederique. Many mutual friends were at the party, which was good fun. I am even more excited about their wedding than I already would have been because they've asked me to officiate the wedding (I've been a Universal Life Church minister since 1992, though I'm getting re-ordained just in case, since I was ordained in Massachusetts at the time and am not sure just how careful the record keeping is down there in Modesto). Having a year to plan for it already seems like hardly enough time. I'm even more nervous about it than my own wedding, because at my wedding I just had to do one part properly, not be in charge of holding the entire ceremony together.


kanin said...

Congratulations! I saw you at the party but failed to say hello. We all have our hermitic tendencies, eh? I too am excited for Fred & Jason's wedding, they fit well together.

Universal Life Church said...

Contact The ULC Monastery to verify your ordination records.