Saturday, August 16, 2008 on hiatus for a while

Yahoo! is much too buggy, and their customer service is nonexistent. I've decided to cancel my hosting account with them, and find an alternate provider or build WP on my colocated server and run it myself (I'd rather not, I'm way past bored with system administration).

I will re-launch after I've found a better hosting site, and come up with a decent design template for the site (the current one, which I just found and downloaded, is pretty awful). There wasn't any real activity on that blog, anyway -- I spent most of my time fighting bugs in the Yahoo! system, including having to delete and re-create the site four times because Wordpress irrecoverably hung (at least, the Web management console became detached, so without console access I couldn't do anything). Yahoo! offers no support for restarting it on their end (or, really, much support at all). Their servers are also very slow. I highly recommend avoiding them for Web hosting, even for something "simple" like a blog.

Someone has recommended "WebFaction" to me. I'm going to give them a try. They are three times as expensive as Yahoo! (about $35/month vs. $35 / 3 months on Yahoo!), but their pre-sales support folks answered two sets of questions already -- infinity times the number of answers I've ever gotten to a support e-mail as a paying Yahoo! customer.