Friday, January 25, 2008

Pixar Fans to build their own WAL-E

This is pretty cool: a group of WAL-E fans have formed a group to design and build a real world WAL-E. If you're interested in joining in, go to and sign up. The project leader, "Jawa Lunk," has some cool pics and it looks like he and his crew have done some other fun projects before. The Pixar WAL-E character team (disclaimer: I am a member of that team, though I did not work on WAL-E himself) has both hardware and software hackers as well as several model builders on it -- including one who is trying to piece together an authentic Millenium Falcon from the original kit-bashed model kits. So, while I can't speak on behalf of anyone other than myself (least of all my employer), I suspect that there will be a lot of enthusiasm within our ranks for the WAL-E builders and best wishes for their success.

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